3 Intro To Resistance Training Plan

What Is House Of Programmes?

An interactive space for you to achieve your training goals all in one hub.
What you will receive within your monthly membership space is:

Get our 3 month intro to resistance training plan for as little as £60.00 one time offer!

  • 1. Downloadable Progressive 3 month training program that can be viewed through your member space. 
  • 2. Tracking sheets to monitor your progress 
  • 3. Full coaching through our exercise library that is also linked to your programmes.
  • 4. Educate section to keep you on top of your training and debunk any myths associated with fitness
  • 5. Recipes to keep you interested in your nutrition - there are some tasty meals.
  • 6. A calorie calculator to find your relevant calories 
  • 7. Discounts on any MTM products & services

What Our Customers Say

They are fantastic. Their enthusiasm and attention to detail is second to none. I have thoroughly enjoyed working through the plan they have created and made it fun!

Jamie Varney from Surrey

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House of Programmes are your go to online solution that are with you every time you train, providing you with the latest recipes, exercise videos and much more.

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3 month access for £60.00